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If you are considering having your wedding in Morocco, you may be wondering about how to deal with the logistics of organising the ceremony and party while not on site. We have a simple answer: with us, with years of experience and knowledge of the best venues and suppliers you need look no further than Party Maroc. You will receive the full service from and attention to detail that many others would overlook - this is usually a year in the planning and we spend a great deal of time understanding exactly what the client wants and then offering our advise and local knowledge.

DIY wedding in Marrakech - only if you are a local wedding planner 

This was my wedding I organized in Marrakech. We had 60 guests mainly from UK, Bulgaria and Brazil. We rented 5 villas nearby all within easy walking distance for all of our guests.

The first night soon after the majority of the guests had just arrived we had welcome cocktail and canapés on the rooftop of one of the villas to kick off the wedding weekend. Sunset, olive groves, refreshing drinks, music, candles, carpets, belly dancers and more - a glamorous and unforgettable experiences.

The next day was my wedding day I organised it in our home. The ceremony was set up on one side of the garden under an olive tree and the reception was in the other part of the garden we did a long table and our local Masterchef cooks were in charge of our meals! The entrance of the bride and groom was with amarias and absolutely fabulous. We partied till 6 am.

On the third day we had a lovely brunch in another neighbours villa. We entered the brunch on camels! We set up a tent to protect us from the sun, low tables with Moroccan poofs as seats. BBQ and lot of bloody marry! African band in charge of the entertainment such a bliss.

What was nice for all the guests is they got to see a different venue each day - it creates an element of surprise and this is what we try to encourage for many of our events.

All the partners we usually work with took great care of my wedding so I really was able to relax and enjoy.

A Moroccan wedding is unique. The combination of stunning venues, unique cuisine and boundless hospitality is sure to leave a sweet, long-lasting memory for everyone taking part in the event.

Photography: Saad Alami

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My wedding was the best of all !
Alex Maria

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