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Crowns, camels, color, and one creative couple—just a few of the ingredients that made for this Regal Marrakech Morocco Wedding in the desert. Liz + Nate are a Stateside couple who can’t seem to ever truly satisfy their travel bug—a destination wedding was a no-brainer. While Liz designed + planned the day herself, she did have help on the ground from Party Maroc. Here’s what Liz told us about deciding on Morocco + planning from afar:

Both Nate and I love to travel. We usually do 3 or 4 international travels a year despite our busy work schedules. A destination wedding was definitely on our top list and we picked Marrakech, despite the difficulty with languages and the fact that we’d never been to Morocco! It was definitely a time-consuming job, but I enjoyed every moment of the year-long planning and design. Even when I was still awake at 3 am on a weekday checking Pinterest or drafting ideas to my partner in Marrakech! I would love to do it again and again. I really appreciate how things just naturally came together in Marrakech to create the boho and exotic feel.

Liz actually found the photographer (check the photos on the photographers link) from Green Wedding Shoes, which we have been lucky enough to have this incredible wedding featured there. Morocco was 100% on my bucket list, too. When these two gorgeous humans contacted me I was over the moon. Don’t you love when things work out that way? Off to Marrakech!

Photographer: Fromthedaisies & Mimibalkan

Videographer: Fabrice Gino

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"When a CPA is in charge of the planning - the wedding is certified".

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