Wedding in Marrakech - Alchemy of Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 27 August 2020

    Why to do my weeding in Marrakech?

    How about doing your wedding in an exotic and adventurous place you will remember forever like Marrakech!

    Marrakech is the magical place to book your destination wedding. It combines in an unforgettable way the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Through this, you will vividly remember the wedding day as a once in a lifetime event.


    Authentic, Vibrant and Unreal

    Marrakech is an ancient city but most of all a fairy tale. It tells its story, invokes history, brings colours, make you hear most enchanting sounds, hear the calls for prayer from the minarets. The souks and the craftsmen will bring you a feeling of passage in time. Get completely lost in the maze of the Medina. Spend a moment with the performing musicians, artists, acrobats, story tellers at the beaming of life Jemaa el-Fna square. Let be mesmerised by the music of the snake charmers.  Grab some street food, have a mint tea, smell the spices, taste the tagines, couscous, stuffed sardines and eat with your fingers. …and this is just a glimpse of what you will experience in Marrakech. It will make you fall in love head over hills.

    That is why, Marrakech is know as mystique, seducing and addictive but most of all authentic, vibrant and unreal.

    When you do a wedding in Marrakech you take advantage of the scene set as it is and the vivid natural surroundings. Let us add few other bits and pieces where we do our movie magic.


    Wedding venues Marrakech 

    The wedding venue options vary from beautiful riad courtyard wedding through private villa wedding or some of the iconic hotels to majestic Kasbahs.


    Wedding photographers and videographers Marrakech

    Marrakech is a bliss for wedding photographers and videographers no wonder it is one of their preferred destinations to work with couples.

    The Atlas Mountains is a natural backdrop and the orange and olive trees stand for decor.

    Unique architecture, fountains, mosaics “jellij” brings this unforgettable moroccan touch.

    Lots of candles, glittering lanterns, scattered piles of roses will add to the magic of the scene.

    Emerge yourself in the movie set - get a moroccan outfit, embroidered kaftan, a red fez and put on babouche slippers.

    And there we go, the alchemy of Marrakech is working in a fantastic and simple way.


    How we do it?

    During the wedding planning process we create together the ambiance, the feeling and touch that you desire to achieve for your wedding blessing in Marrakech. We are as much dedicated to big weddings as to small intimate wedding and elopements because we love what we do and we cherish all our couples.

    If you are thinking of getting married in Marakech give us a call. We will create magical moments for your day, while you enjoy in full your wedding celebrations in Marrakech.


    You say “I do” and your wedding planner does the rest.

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