3 Compelling Reasons For A Marrakech Elopement?

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 7 April 2021

    A Blog About why Marrakech is the perfect setting for an Elopement

    Planning a Marrakech Elopement is a fabulous idea! Eloping is getting married on your own terms, without the stress and expense of a traditional wedding. Marrakech is one of the best places in Africa to marry. Take a look at this blog if you are planning an elopement or even just thinking about it!

    Elopement is a growing trend in the wedding world and many are drawn to its unconventional appeal. It’s an opportunity to step outside the norm and create a wedding you always wanted. This isn’t your traditional, bridezilla-filled cake celebration with many guests. No, eloping is a day for just the couple getting married and maybe your partners and/or closest friends, the ones who have seen you at your best AND your worst. It is a day to celebrate love with people you wish could join you and your love.

    Here are the main 3 things we’ll be covering…

    1. What is an elopement?
    2. How to have an amazing elopement.
    3. Why Marrakech is a hotspot for elopers.


    What is an elopement?


    A much more intimate way to say ‘I do’, elopement has become a hot trend when it comes to tying the knot. Traditionally, elopement was the act of ‘running away secretly to get married’. The ceremony usually involved just the bride and groom and maybe a few friends. Elopements usually happened when the parents of the couple disapproved of the marriage.  However, the definition has changed a little bit, especially in western culture...

    Nowadays, elopement typically means a small intimate wedding, usually abroad, with your closest friends and family.

    As a wedding planner, I most commonly hear this word during the wedding planning stages in the form of a question (that I’m very happy to answer), "What happens if we want to elope?" Truthfully, I proceed with caution through this conversation because I want to be sure that they realize that this is not simply booking your own venue, getting your own cake and flowers, and having a stranger you met online taking your photographs. Elopement is much more than that. It still requires lots of planning and organisation, but on a much smaller scale.

    How to have a dreamy Marrakech Elopement...

    Marrakech Elopement has become incredibly popular over the last few years and is no longer something that is only talked about behind closed doors. While I can understand why it’s all the rage at the moment (I mean, the idea of sharing your experience with just close family and friends while maintaining an air of intimacy is rather appealing), I frequently get questions about how people can make eloping affordable.

    The Venue

    With Marrakech being such a popular destination to get married, prices for venues can be very steep, especially at peak times.

    Marrakech has a lot of exotic, romantic yet affordable venues for elopements and intimate weddings. Our top choice normally is the desert of Agafay or a beautiful riad that dates back centuries.



    The key to saving money is to avoid popular venues. The best way to go about finding one of these venues is to find a good, local wedding planner. They will have all the local contacts needed to secure a fairy-tale venue at a good price. If you’d like to know a bit more about the kind of venues Marrakech has to offer, along with an idea of price, then feel free to contact us here and we’d be delighted to help.

    Keep it local



    An important thing about an elopement is to have a local elopement planner on the ground on the wedding day and organize all the respective suppliers and take care of the set up so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.


    Why Marrakech is a hotspot for elopers.

    If you’re thinking about tying the knot in a place with good weather, beautiful colours and heaps of romance then Marrakech is the destination for you! This is the ultimate destination for a small wedding (we’re not biased… promise!!). The beautiful riads are a very original setting for a small intimate wedding and also the nearby desert.

    Marrakech is also known for its incredible hospitality and culture. This is due not only to the country’s love of weddings, music, arts and festivities but also because of the strong traditions still kept alive by locals.


    A few places to visit

    The Medina in Marrakech is easily one of the most colourful, busy, and vibrant places on earth. This labyrinthine maze of alleyways and souks is lined with shops that sell everything you could ever need, from brass vases to alpaca jackets. The hustle and bustle of the Medina come to life at night when the spice-scented air is illuminated by the strings of lights and bold colours decorating the buildings. It is a great backdrop for photography.

    Take a peek inside the Jardin Majorelle, a beautiful garden filled with plants and water fountains. The garden is world-famous for its creativity, art and beauty. This oasis for plants in Marrakech, Morocco is perfect to combine your visit to this beautiful city with an afternoon of relaxation at this beautiful garden.

    A landmark African World Heritage Site, Palácio da Bahia attracts many visitors from around the world. If you ask any first-time visitor to Morocco for a sightseeing recommendation, it’s likely the palace will be on top of their list. It is a fabulous fusion of architectural styles which showcases various European influences on Moroccan design and artwork. The towering minarets, intricate mosaics, mint-colored walls painted with floral motifs, domed ceilings and carved-wooden screens all combine to make this vast 11-hectare complex



    Planning a Marrakech elopement is incredibly exciting and you get to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on the side!

    Check out the photos of a recent elopement we had in Agafay desert with our beautiful couple Maya and Matt. We embarked on this adventure with a magical crew of suppliers.

    We’re more than happy to help if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us here.

    PartyMaroc wishes you all the best for your future wedding.






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    Fabiola Simonsen

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    Simplesmente foram os dias mais lindos e felizes da minha vida !


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    13 October 2020

    I have been in touch with Party Maroc ( Maria ) from the beginning of our Wedding planning in Marrakech.(2017). I don’t have even words to describe how professional and helpful Maria was . I can’t believe, it's already over, after a hundreds of e-mails exchanged and WhatsApp chatting . From the beginning and from the first brief about our wedding, Party Maroc knew what kind of wedding we have in mind and what we are dreaming of. From choosing wedding venues , decoration , to different suppliers, Maria knew exactly what we are searching for and was all the time in our side and giving as advices. Marrakech is full of beautiful wedding venues , but Party Maroc knows the best and hidden gems 😉. Planning a wedding in Morocco , it s not easy and you definitely need a professional in town, who to rely and trust on.... I would like to describe partyMaroc in 3 words : - Trustful - Professional - Available On behalf of our parents and all our guests that came from all over the world : France , Finland , Canada , UK, Cameroun , Casablanca , Germany... We thank you so much for all what you have done to make our wedding day so special and unique . 🤩🤩. It was a long journey , but all worth it 😍🙏🏽🙌🏽 With love , Siham & Kevin #s💙k2019


    hajar boumdira

    7 March 2020

    Professional and serious team, special thanks to super Lady Maria how is very kind and helpful 👏😘


    Olga Brereton

    19 August 2019

    Went to a 3 day wedding organised by these people last month.... it was so well done... fire eaters, Berber dancers, wonderful staff. I'm tempted to take off a star as it took me a week to come to terms with being back in England after the buzz and friendship out there. Maria pointed out a fantastic salon where I had a great hair cut as well!!


    Edward Reid

    9 August 2019

    Went to a friend's wedding and it was a beautifully arranged event, it looked incredible, the food was amazing, the entertainment was extremely good and authentic. They are a company that definitely know what they are doing. Based in Marrakech so have the inside scoop on all the best venues and providers. Amazing event!


    Julia Dawson

    6 August 2019

    We have just returned from the most amazing 2 day event organised by Maria and her team. Everything was faultless, accommodation, entertainment, transportation. A truly wonderful time and highly recommended.


    Georgina Burness

    5 August 2019

    I attended a wedding organised by Party Maroc this summer. It was absolutely incredible from start to finish - beautifully organised & we were entertained & looked after to another level. Camels, belly dancing, Moroccan bands, authentic feasts, luxurious accommodation, seamless transportation- we all had the best time.


    nick peto

    5 August 2019

    Party Maroc did a faultless job. A 3 day party of great complexity went without a hitch. Travel, food, dancing, wedding - everything was 10/10. Nick peto.


    Annie Summers

    31 July 2019

    I attended a 3 day wedding party event organised by Maria of Party Maroc last June and was totally amazed by the organisation of all the party planning, accommodations, transportation for 60 plus guests - all with a big smile which made us enjoy ourselves even more!


    Mariana Bojkova

    23 March 2019

    Party Maroc provide everything you could dream of for your special event. Fantastic team. Professional planning, variety of creative options to keep you entertained. I absolutely recommend them!


    Mario Morfakis

    3 December 2018

    My overall experience with Party Maroc was excellent. Maria helped with great ideas as she knows Marrakech quite well, but also provided the best service in helping me book the best places in Marrakech. We had an amazing trip to Morocco and a major thank you goes to Party Maroc. Definitely recommending their services.


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    Party Maroc knows everything for the perfect event. I strongly recommend them.


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    I work very often with Party Maroc on events and parties such a good fun and professional team.

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