3 Amazing Wedding Planning Tips From Marrakesh Top Wedding Planners

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 29 March 2021

    A wedding blog with lots of tips and advice about tying the knot. Written by one of Marrakesh top wedding planners, Maria Balkanlieva (PartyMaroc).


    Everyone is in love with Marrakesh; it’s a destination city that allows you to relax, enjoy and experience traditional Moroccan life. The city of Marrakesh has a few things that make it the perfect place to celebrate a wedding day: the architecture, the food, the weather, the colours etc. Its popularity won’t surprise you as a wedding destination, and there are more and more multi-ethnic couples choosing this romantic city to tie the knot.

    Help is at hand for anyone planning the perfect Marrakesh wedding. Here you’ll find some insider tips and advice about getting hitched in Marrakesh, from local vendors to entertainment; we reveal all. A bespoke Marrakesh wedding is one of life’s unforgettable experiences. It’s a chance to get your friends and family together in an exotic location and create memories that last a lifetime.


    One: 3 Quick Tips for booking a wedding planner

    Every bride and groom need to hire a wedding planner but might feel like they don’t need one. A wedding planner will make sure your wedding is a success, they’ll cover every detail and you won’t need to worry about it. Think of them as the conductor of an orchestra who makes sure all the musicians are playing in time and they all played each instrument perfectly.

    Our quick tips for finding the best Wedding Planner:


    Keep It Local

    A quick Google search will reveal pages upon pages of Marrakesh Wedding Planners. Only a few of these are actually local to Marrakesh. Many of the companies listed on Google are located elsewhere in the world, with many in Casablanca, France, UK and America.

    There are plenty of local wedding planners with years of experience, a big portfolio, and the ability to cater for a range of budgets. You’ll actually find that many of these companies are also multi-lingual (like us).


    Look for your wedding planner early...

    As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well, neither was the perfect wedding. The more time you can give your Wedding planner to plan, the better. It will reduce the costs and allow the time needed to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

    Maria, a Marrakesh top wedding planner says:

    "It’s normal to start planning your wedding a year in advance, and choosing the location will be one of the first things on your list. Marrakesh is a magnificent city, but you have to plan ahead because the demand for venues can be very high, and getting your desired venue can be difficult as space is often limited".


    Put your investigator hat on...

    A perfect wedding day is always the goal for couples, and yet planning it is very much undervalued. Simply put, bad wedding planning can ruin a wonderful occasion.

    Here’s a list of things all good wedding planners in Marrakesh should be able to provide:


    Two: Get the best services and products at affordable prices, all while supporting local artisan and professional communities in Marrakesh…

    The city of Marrakesh is home to an incredible selection of local expertise, from artisanal craft workers who have honed their skills through generations of refinement, to the very best in professional services. Locals have been taking full advantage of this tremendous selection for years. But none of these vendors has made it easy for you to find them. They have never joined forces to compete with Amazon, never offered flat-rate free shipping, or free returns.

    If you are thinking about getting married in Marrakesh, quality, price and service will be high on your list of priorities. The first two are easy to understand, but what about the service? What makes it better when you choose a local vendor rather than doing it all yourself or using an international company?

    Here are 5 reasons local is better:

    1. They will know more about the day-to-day nuances of life in your destination than anyone else
    2. Local vendors will understand your style better than someone who does weddings on the side
    3. Their selection is usually better and cheaper
    4. You pay your local vendor directly rather than paying a middleman a cut of what you were going to pay.
    5. You’re supporting local, family-run businesses and job creation, which is good for the community and the economy!


    Three: Add Some Tradition to Your Wedding Menu Offering…

    Marrakesh’s diverse culinary scene suits every taste and budget.

    Marrakesh’s cuisine has a rich history rooted in African culture and local ingredients used to create lively meals that taste amazing. Here are a few popular dishes that we love:

    1. Bissara  - chickpeas with tomatoes and onions
    2. Couscous  - the national dish of Morocco
    3. Harira  - soup with lentils and beans & meatballs
    4. Tajine  - a type of stew or casserole
    5. Glaoui  - a savoury pie with a pastry shell
    6. Baghrir - crepe with honey, almonds and cinnamon


    Bonus: Bring the ‘WOW’ Factor With Entertainment And Music for your wedding in Marrakesh

    From the spectacular to the unusual, Marrakesh has it all.

    With its busy souks, outdoor restaurants and miles of winding streets, Marrakesh is also an ideal city for a memorable celebration. But what else would you expect from the city of 1000 Palaces!

    You can celebrate and have an unforgettable party in Morocco that you’ll talk about it for years to come!

    Here’s an idea of the entertainment that our clients typically book for their wedding. It could be a traditional classical band, gnaoua musicians and singers, belly dancers, jugglers and fire breathers, snake charmers, monkey trainers, fortune tellers, storytellers. For your party, we can recreate the square Jemaa el-Fna and bring artisans to present their crafts passed down to generations.



    With a warm climate, vast beautiful landscapes and unique culture, Marrakesh is a place where romance blends in with imagination to create unforgettable weddings. Laidback and tolerant, Morocco offers an atmosphere that is perfect for one to relax in while taking part in an unforgettable wedding party.

    Marrakesh has a lot of historical places that make it not only a great place for your guests to have a holiday of a lifetime, but also an ideal place for a wedding. Many couples have opted to hold their marriage ceremony in this city as it provides the very best venues for such parties… Just make sure you hire a trustworthy and creative wedding planner and embark on the adventure!

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